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Modi’s macro actions have worked, now India needs micro focus.

After watching the video of the meeting broadcasted by TMC and reading the article on economic times, we can assume that the lockdown might extend for another two weeks.

Modi said that “the priority of the government is to save each and every life”.

But we need more weapons than just lockdown to fight with COVID-19.

Let’s read the opinion of Shekhar Gupta on Modi’s lockdown.

About three weeks back when India started testing selectively then they found that many people coming from overseas were tested positive along with their families that alarmed India to take such a massive action.

There was no major or widespread testing, India’s testing was very low compared to other countries ever lower than Pakistan which led to criticism.

Shekhar Gupta

This Indian lockdown is the severest n the world, the economist carried a chart based on studied by a group in Oxford which ranked the countries on a severity index on their response to COVID-19.

India topped the chart in the world, while India topped the chart according to the intensity of the lockdown, on the other side India was at the bottom of the chart when it came to a fiscal stimulus for the economy in terms of percentage of GDP.

So in severity, India was even ahead of Italy but in fiscal stimulus, India was lowest which you can understand because in the entire group India was by far the poorest of all other countries.

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In fact, the next poorest countries are China and Malaysia at five times per capita GDP than India.

India as it continues with the lockdown or extends it, it’s risky for the economy or our country. Though the upper or middle classes can overcome the lockdown, it’s the poor and farmers who will face difficulties as the engines of the economy have stopped. As many people live on daily wages for them the situation is critical, either not coronavirus hunger might kill them.

As Shekhar Gupta says unlike the US, India doesn’t have the ability to print money as Donald Trump is doing.

Let me explain, why

India follows a gold standard policy, under which every rupee is backed by a similar value of the gold reserve hence giving actual value to the piece of paper. On the other hand, almost all of the global trade happens over USD, as well as the US, being a resilient economy made it move away from Gold standards and instead make the ‘faith over the economy’ as it’s value driver.

What we need at this point now to find the major weapon or micro focus action and plan.

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Major possibilities to control, are:

  • Extend the lockdown
  • Completely lift the lockdown
  • Seal the hotspots and gradually lift the lockdown from other areas.

The third option might be a better option as some factories or companies will start fo work, like pharma factories which will again lead to commutation hence communication modes will start to operate but then the spreading of the virus can also spread faster.

So what’s your say in this, comment below. Let the nation know, citizen’s views.


coronavirus Educational blogs Health & beauty Life-related blogs News and information politics and geopolitics

Read what exactly Trump said rather than reading outlines

Sunday evening, President Trump requested to release the hold on hydroxychloroquine. Click on the link, to read in details:

Never thought of that by April, we will be heading to a disaster, the pandemic, Virus has already killed so many people all over the world.

According to Hindustan Times, President Donald Trump on Monday spoke of “retaliation” if India turned down his request to lift the hold on US orders.

I watched the entire video and at 30minutes 39 seconds a journalist asked the question, have a look:

Journalist: Are you worried about the retaliation to your decision to ban the export on medical goods like India Prime Minister Modi’s decision to not export hydroxychloroquine.

President Trump: I don’t like that decision, I have not heard that it was his decision. I only know that he stopped the export for his country. We are in very good talk, I’ll see if it’s like this because India does very well with the United States from many years it has been taking advantage of the United States on trade so I will be surprised if he has taken such decision. If he allows the supply then it’s okay but if he doesn’t then there will be retaliation, why wouldn’t there be?

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coronavirus Educational blogs Health & beauty Life-related blogs News and information

The devastation of Coronavirus in India.

Precautions and prevention taken by the government.

It’s not been much time when we first read about COVID-19 emanating from China. A virus that largely affected the country and forced the government to shut down all businesses, people being locked down in their houses, thousand of confirmed cases and scores of death.

In no time, it became a global pandemic and now India is fighting with COVID-19. It’s been months since it began with no signs of possible vaccination or medicine yet although the clinical trials has started.

When coronavirus appeared in India.

The first case of Coronavirus was reported on 30th January 2020 in Kerala, a person returned from Wuhan, China.

Soon it spread all over in Karnataka, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bihar, Punjab, Andra Pradesh, Rajasthan and now West-Bengal.

India initially successfully managed to rein in Coronavirus to spread out but all went in vain when on 3rd March, a 69 years old Italian who visited Rajasthan carried the virus with himself and single-handedly helped the virus to find 16 new Italian hosts along with one Indian driver.

Initially, people were found infected by COVID-19 in Delhi, Hyderabad, Orissa and other states who returned from Italy, Japan, China, Thailand, Dubai and Bangkok.

Preventive measures India has taken against CoronaVirus

Social media especially Twitter, Facebook, TikTok is flooded with articles, links, videos and photos of coronavirus.

Where songs and jokes related to coronavirus are getting viral on one hand, on the other, fear is increasing while reading the reports of COVID-19.

World second largest population has succeeded as of now in controlling the outbreak of COVID-19 and compared to the population, the cases are really less.

Although India has managed to control the spread, health experts presume that there might be many undetected cases.

Ban to international travels.

India was one of the first nations to take the vital step of shutting down its borders.

All visas travelling to and from China or other countries have been cancelled.

All visas are being suspended issued to the nationals of Italy, Iran, Japan, South Korea etc.


The body-temperature is being checked in certain offices like Bombay-stock exchange or people travelling internally even by train or cars.

Almost in all the airports, seaports and borders, thermal screening is installed.

Also, the other factor to worry about the attitude and mentality of we Indians, as we like to avert the situation until the worst arrives.

Evacuation from countries

Soon after COVID-19 spread, India evacuated its citizens from China, Maldives, Iran and other countries.

Trains cancelled

As per reports from Economic Times, railways has cancelled 76 trains as a precaution as well as due to low occupancy.

Not just humans Corona Virus hits Start-ups

Corona Virus has hit many small businesses as they have come under the grip of it.

As RoMi Business English Online classes are only designed for Chinese professionals. Hence the platform provides, free live online classes through WeChat or skype.

Similarly other Educational platforms like Byju’s, Vedantu_learn are offering the same.

Work from Home

Many multi-national companies like Nutanix, Capgemini, Infosys, Wipro have globally restricted the travel of employees and have regulated work from home.

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Similarly, other companies in Bangalore have strictly regulated work @ home till 31st March as per the Karnataka government policy, a new era is brought by Corona where companies were asked to adopt the culture.

Work from home is actually a problem for many companies as they don’t have proper software and apps to provide easy access to all employees.

India is not only about IT companies, but the vast majority of people also work in unorganized sectors and MSME’s like small firms, shops, delivery businesses like Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo etc. or run small businesses.

As the market has gotten slow and almost shut due to the fear and tremor of COVID-19 it’s breaking the spine of the business health.

Sales employees are under enhanced pressure due to the financial year-end as travelling or meetings has been restricted, again the new form of work has made the work more difficult hence creating a lot of pressure of meeting the targets along with the hard push created by the bosses.

All educational places closed

Schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes are closed till 31st March.

Entertainment hubs closed

Almost all the tourist spots, pubs, bars, malls, cinema halls are shut down as per the government’s regulation.

Even Goa has shut down all its casinos, multiplexes clubs and bars.

Sports have been cancelled or postponed.

As multiplex and cinema halls are closed, it results in a huge loss to the entertainment industry. The movies which have already released are bearing losses and others have postponed their release dates.

All public gatherings are avoided, weddings and other functions are being cancelled.

Religious places closed

Most of the famous and well-known temples like Iskon temple, Siddhi Vinayaka temple, Mumbai and others are closed to avoid spreading of the COVID-19.

Churches, mosques, temples, gurdwaras and other religious places are cancelling general prayers meet, worship services, closing religious schools.

Film and television shootings might stop due to Coronavirus.

Bad news for cricket lovers, IPL has been shifted to 15th April and now FWICE is considering to stop the shootings of films and television shows as well.

Contactless food delivery

Zomato & swiggy has come up with contactless food delivery for safety measures.

Also, the platforms are trying to guarantee that all the food-partners follows the safety and hygiene guidelines.

Current report:

According to current states by India, more than 7447 confirmed cases and the death toll have now reached 239.

To support the government’s initiative and for our own safety, we must follow the instructions provided to avoid getting infected or spreading COVID-19.

Avoid mass gatherings, use sanitizers and wash your hands in short intervals. Not only disinfect your hands but also your mobiles, laptops with sanitizers. The virus remains alive for 17 hours in the mobile screen.

Avoid mass gatherings, don’t touch your face after coming in contact with susceptible compromised surfaces like public door handles, lift buttons and remember the most important part- flatten the curve, maintain social distancing and break the chain.