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Signs to know that your partner loves you.

The world is full of fake emotions, fake people and fake love. In my life, I have seen people cheating, spending time with someone but not in love. It’s such heartbreak when you catch your partner cheating red-handed or when you are seeing future with him, he breaks up and never returns. When we buy even a dress we try it, take suggestion from our friends, bargain ( not in the fixed price shop), find if it’s worthy or not, compare the price with other stores or online apps and then we purchase it. Must Read: Why then we give our heart trusting blindly to someone? It’s always necessary to figure out whether you are in love with the right person. Remember on your tips the golden symbols : If your partner loves you he/she won’t be able to lie to you. More eye contact means true love. Trust is there, your partner will have faith in you. You will find unconditional love. Your partner will be happier when he sees you happy and smiling. Romance vanishes at a certain phase of time then it’s about commitment and being together, fighting for each other, that’s real love. Your true love has the ability of telepathy. Your partner can listen to your unsaid words, pain in you behind your smile will know your next step and you both will have the same thinking going in your mind. You will find immediate happiness within your partner while acknowledging. They will take your advice, suggestion and allow you to take the decision. They will always admire the way you are. They will love spending time with you. Follow me on Facebook:
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Couples get romantic during Lockdown phase!!..

Never ever in your life, you will get this opportunity again, even three generations haven’t spent so much time together.

Things couple can do in this lockdown mode:

Grooming each other:

I and my partner are enjoying this lockdown phase as we discuss the scope of improvement in our fields, as we know the feedback is always genuine and for our betterment.

We are our own hairstylist, personality developer, instructor, trainer and enjoying every part of it.

Just cuddling:

Let’s do nothing, just cuddle each other and forget all the problems that the virus is giving us for some time. Let’s live the moment of peace and relax our mind and soul.

Watch shows together

Now DD1 is trending with the highest TRP ever in decades, all our favourite shows Shaktiman, Ramayana being telecasted. We can watch them together or tune into some comedy shows, watching movies.

If you don’t like these options then Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube are similar apps are always available for you.

Bring Spa to your home

Nothing is more relaxing than a little massage, you can make it more romantic by lighting scented or normal candles, dim lights, soothing music, spraying room freshener.

Set a work-out time together

Fix your time every day for yoga, Zumba or any other exercise. As we all are staying all the time in our home and eating a lot, hence it’s beneficial for us to give some time for fitness activities.

It’s a win-win situation when you do it together as you both can motivate each other. You both can set goals and persuade each other.

Play indoor games together

You can spend time playing video games, board games, Uno, tombola, cards together.

Playing together is good, it’s freshening also it does makes you competitive but it’s always fun playing with your partner.

Turn house into club

Turn the house into the club with lights, music and dance. As we can’t go out and spend our weekends it clubs, nevertheless, you have your drinks at home.

Show your dance moves as no one is to judge you, you are not limited to a smaller section and squeezed between others, you have the whole floor to rock and roll.

Movie time

As all cinema halls are closed, book your ticket at the hall you own, watch it on your own screen with popcorn and coke.

Romantic dinner

Cook your favourite cuisine together, create a romantic ambience and enjoying your food with a lot of healthy conversation.

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Problems in relationship?

Reasons & Solutions

Things we learn after observing adorable chemistry and compatibility of couples. things we learn after observing adorable chemistry and compatibility of couples. It’s not easy to build a bond, it requires compatibility, sacrifice, compromises, adjustment, trust & loyalty, happiness, understanding, care, pamper & nurture. Do’s and don’t in your relationship.
  • Funny & happy: Every person loves to be in companionship with someone who is funny, entertaining and happy. They can cheer you and help you to overcome your stress. This is the healing point and everyone will love to be with the person who vanishes all worries. We are in the zone where we deal with lots of stress be it be related to job or family. Manage your expenses and save for your future. It is so difficult to find happiness in simple things. At the end of the day, we want to be with the person who understands and doesn’t complain.
  • Flipping when hurt: After the fight, gossiping and sharing the reason for being hurt. Discussing your partner’s weakness, nature is something we shouldn’t do. It’s my genuine advice, never discuss the fight with anyone be it be your friend or family member. Keep your personal life with you, don’t post anything ill-related to your partner in social media.
Also read: I have seen many couples, especially girls posting sad images and wallpapers, quotes, etc… People are no fools apart from your partner others also sense your current scenario. Talking ill about your partner with someone else degrades the image of your’s and your partner in the eyes to the listener.
  • Inclining towards opposite sex:
No one in this world is so understanding to let your partner hang out or spend much time with the opposite sex. Labelling it as a friend and giving more time to the friend than the special one is a Big No-No..!!
To conclude, relationships are not about hunky-dory, it’s not about believing everything as a rosy picture. It’s about understanding the nature of each other, their likes and dislikes and adapting yourself by shedding some of your behaviours, actions and habits. It’s about embracing each other with open arms. 
What are your suggestions for a happy relationship?