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Indo-Nepal Border Firing: Nepal fired 15 rounds resulting death of 1 dead and 2 injured.

Indo-Nepal Border: Vikesh Yadav from Sitamarhi (Bihar) died in firing at the border along with 2 other injured. The incident happened early morning around 8:40 am.

In total one person was killed and four were injured after Nepal police fired on them at the border near Sitamarhi district near them.

Vikesh died on the spot, Umesh Ram and Uday Thakur were injured in the field.

Video from the spot, :

As reports from ANI, at 8:40, am a family was going to Nepal and were stopped by Nepali security personnel at the border. The verbal argument started when they were asked to return.

As per DG SSB Kumar Rajesh Chandra, Nepali security personnel fired around 15 rounds in which 3 people were injured and one died.