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Zomato proposes up to 50% pay cut for all employees.

Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal said that the business pattern has quite changed due to Coronavirus and some of the changes seem to be permanent.

Zomato the widely used platform for food deliveries, resultant booking and I hope you remember Zomato Gold services also Sara Ali Khan has used Zomato as a dating site is also affected.

The company is going to layoff approximately 13% of its workforce. The employees who will no more work for Zomato will continue to be with the company at 50% salary for the next six months along with the health insurance.

Royal requested these employees to dedicate 100% of their time in finding jobs. As soon as the economy gets to a normal stage there will be no more deductions.

From June, Goyal has proposed a temporary reduction in pay for the entire organization. Percentage of salary cuts will be according to employees salary.

After Uber, Zomato will also inform it’s employees through zoom call today.

Like Swiggy, Zomato has also introduced home delivery of groceries.

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Facebook & other social media removing ‘Plandemic’ video.

A video featuring an activist named Judy Mikovits along with others is being removed by all the social media platforms.

The 26 minutes video named ‘Plandemic’ went viral this week.

Reasons for removal:

  • Mentions common vaccines are dangerous
  • Saying wearing masks are more contagious.
  • The video states that the virus is a conspiracy to earn money.
  • According to the video, the virus might have been injected along with the flu vaccination.

Twitter has also banned several hashtags related to it.