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#CBITakes Over: Trending on Twitter after the approval of Sushant’s case.

Today is not just a normal day its the victory of the entire nation and a big win for justice, faith, democracy and hope.

Now, CBI is going to hold a dummy test at the crime scene. This is certainly a moment of joy also grief at the same time because we lost a beautiful soul.

Most of us weren’t a big fan of Sushant Singh Rajput but when we heard of his demise we were in shock. The mystery of his suicide and when we started to know more about him it left us all off in grief.

I remember a conversation with my friend, where I claimed that it’s not just a suicide as the person drank juice and did party last night she said that it’s difficult to figure out what goes in people’s mind.

From the stories of his depression to nepotism, his case took so sharp turns. While we understood shortly that “nepotism tool” is just being used to divert the attention of people. Finally, we have won, however, let’s have a look at the reactions:

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Supreme Court is unable to help migrants movement.

The Supreme Court dismissed the petition to help migrant workers who are stuck due to nationwide lockdown.

The government has now provided trains and buses but still, on a daily basis thousands of migrants keep walking towards their native place.

Supreme Court said:

How can we stop them if they sleep on railway tracks? It’s impossible to monitor who’s walking and who’s not. It’s the state’s responsibility to decide.

The petition was filed by lawyer Alakh Alok Srivastava urging the centre to identify migrants walking on roads and sleeping on railway tracks.

Many states are providing transportation to migrants.

Supreme Court has said that the central government is already doing enough but the people are still angry. We can only request or use force that’s what we can do.

According to estimates over 10 million migrants are stuck across the country.

Migrant works from various parts of Gujarat
These pictures are from Kutch Credit: Mahesh Langa
This migrant is from Noida who is cycling to reach his home Rohtas, Bihar. Credit: Zeba Warsi