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The shaken Economy and inter-twined Geopolitics.

The Fallouts, movers and shakers.

This lockdown has brought in many perspectives that are happening in the world, brings out inherent human nature to the forefront and history will remember every action we as an individual, society or as a country do. Remember, the world will remember this. Our maiming by this virus has brought the finest and ugliest of us.

As the famous proverb goes, a small ant can make the elephant dance to its tune, the same has happened to us and actually we have been doing the same to mother nature as well. Just compare the size of an ant to elephant, virus to human and human to the size of the earth. Still !!!

The demand to hold China responsible for hiding facts and letting the world slip in this precarious situation is growing spearheaded by the US. Australia, Japan and some countries have joined the blame game. West Europe is still cautious due to many factors; however, East Europe is praising China for its help to them. India as a major stakeholder in world politics is as always diplomatic and cautious, a strategy which has worked for it most of the time.

From now on, countries will rally against China to disrupt the world order. We have realized that China under Xi Jinping is too authoritarian and is detrimental to global peace. While it gave the world a pandemic, due to its ruthless regime it was able to control it and now flexing its muscle in the south china sea, while the countries are a busy fighting virus. Same goes with its selling of PPE’s, faulty masks and test kits.

However, I don’t believe this is a society in general in China. Today its clout has helped saved itself from being penalized for such grievous and deliberate mistake and still covered up by WHO itself.

It got Pakistan the emergency bail-out package, and in repayment the very next day Pakistan blocked an area in the Arabian sea to test out anti-ship missile and armament testing, giving India a solid hint through Pakistan that it should not have suggested recasting of WHO.

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We are still intrigued by why paradox has happened. West Europe and the US with great public health Infra saw high infection and death, and on the other hand South Asia somehow miraculously escaped the wrath of Virus.

India is a special case, rotting health infra, lack of doctors, not enough money, lack of protective equipment’s and many more and still, we showed the world, on why India’s frugal approach is efficient and effective.

Well, many factors are at play here.

Did universal BCG program help us?

As a population have our bodies developed a better defence against the virus as we are always exposed to the unhygienic situation?

Not sure enough. But what we know is that we implemented lockdown early, we gave priority to human lives rather than economy and we remained steadfast despite a lot of hurdles like religious gathering, attack of doctors and police, communalization and many more.

While the world is fighting for Ventilators, PPE’s, masks, we are doing our best by making some and importing some. Salute to ICMR, which quietly deviated from WHO guidelines and stood grounds on its plan.

The Economy is in shambles, the majority are losers, but some are winners as well. Radhakishan Damani, the owner of Avenue supermart running as D-Mart I believe should be the only winner in this lockdown where he gained from panic buying.

Let’s move from an individual perspective, we saw the Kirana store as the real winner brought to the forefront during these difficult times. E-commerce and supermarkets collapse suggest that slow and steady wins the race, and old is gold!! We will not be surprised to see now that manufacturers shifting gears towards channel programs benefiting these mom and pop stores. Remember, Kirana stores are much more street smart and ingenious, as another channel have too much dependency, be it delivering personal, corporate formulated protocols and supply chain or many more. We definitely will see a lot of behavioural change, government prioritizing public health spending, R&D spending and many more.

If you ever thought the defence sector is going to take a hit after this, you cannot be more wrong. We saw an increase in digital payments in some sectors which traditionally not have had much traction, maybe people will have some apprehension in exchanging cash for time to come.

We saw China’s opportunistic takeover and Gov. of India bringing new laws in FDI policy. If we look closely, everything is intertwined in itself. China increased its stake in HDFC and HDFC in Reliance Capital. Majority of investment in the digital industry can be traced back to one country. Guess who is the majority investor in Paytm?

Geo-politics and economy are intertwined in itself in this globalized world. Let’s analyze this correlation in major economies.

The US wants to maintain its supremacy and by attacking WHO, we know who it is attacking.

China recovered early and hence its economy is back on track, forcing the US to accept the deaths yet not slow down the economy. Japan, Germany, Australia coming together and trying to hold China responsible. India despite being in lockdown mode not leaving any stones unturned to make sure Its adjoining countries do not shift their gears again towards China and also use its soft power. Be it allowing exports of essential medicines like paracetamol and Hydroxichroloquine or donating to Nepal and Bangladesh.

RBI accepting Sri Lankan gov. offer of deposit as bonds. China flexing its muscle in South China sea and threatening Vietnam by allowing illegal fishing of Chinese fisherman backed by its navy in Vietnamese waters because it recently did an exercise with US Navy or making sure Pakistan gets emergency bailout and the very next day Pakistan testing missile and doing gunnery exercise, giving India direct message that it is not happy with India’s proposition in recasting WHO.

India bringing new FDI scrutiny to save itself from opportunistic takeovers yet government deliberately not falling into trap of blame game as it needs help from wherever possible. It remains to be seen how it handles again the 5G war which has again returned due to US and China strife. Major world power rushing to help Africa, not actual help but showdown to grab as much goodwill possible and remove China’s clout. Russia sending in planeloads of the mask and other essentials as a goodwill gesture to the US, and North Korea and Iran using this apt time to fire as many missiles as possible as the world is busy saving themselves.

Bringing forward these perspectives help us see through the prism that how we behaved during these times which will have major ramifications for the time to come.

Know my opinions every Sunday.

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Arvind Kejriwal bats for Convalescent Plasma therapy-approved for COVID19

Know- Definition|How|What|Why|Use

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has given approval to convalescent plasma therapy in Kerala.

The experimental therapy can become a ray of light and hope with its success. Researchers and scientists are working tirelessly to invent or develop the vaccine which will provide the proper treatment. However, it is not yet clear if the Convalescent Plasma therapy can win over the virus but it can help the body to fight and overcome.

A patient needs only one dose to get enough antibodies and the donor can produce two doses. However, there are a very limited number of donors and the Convalescent Plasma therapy is expensive.

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Amid testing the already testing drugs and new ones, researchers have come across to the convalescent plasma therapy.

What is convalescent plasma therapy and how it works?

The entire world is studying to develop the vaccine to cure COVID-19, China and some other countries, have already initiated the clinical trials.

Different countries are already trying to test the effectiveness of convalescent plasma therapy.

The therapy takes antibodies from the blood of a person who has recovered from a virus and then it is transferred into a person sick with that virus.

Basically, we can say immunity is transferred to boost the immune system of the sick through the plasma therapy.

The antibodies present in the plasma of the recovered patient help in neutralising the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the infected patient.

China has said that patients have shown significant improvement after Convalescent Plasma therapy was administrated in the trial.

The Convalescent plasma therapy was first used during the 1918 Spanish Influenza outbreak.

The technique was used previously during the outbreak of SARS, MERS and Ebola viruses.

How does Convalescent Plasma therapy works?

  • It provides antibodies to a person to fight with the virus.
  • Convalescent Plasma therapy consists of antibodies and proteins developed by the immune system to prevent the body from harm.

In India, only critical patients will get Plasma therapy.

The Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) will soon begin with the trials by April end. With this Kerala will become the first state to conduct the trials followed by Chandigarh.


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Modi’s macro actions have worked, now India needs micro focus.

After watching the video of the meeting broadcasted by TMC and reading the article on economic times, we can assume that the lockdown might extend for another two weeks.

Modi said that “the priority of the government is to save each and every life”.

But we need more weapons than just lockdown to fight with COVID-19.

Let’s read the opinion of Shekhar Gupta on Modi’s lockdown.

About three weeks back when India started testing selectively then they found that many people coming from overseas were tested positive along with their families that alarmed India to take such a massive action.

There was no major or widespread testing, India’s testing was very low compared to other countries ever lower than Pakistan which led to criticism.

Shekhar Gupta

This Indian lockdown is the severest n the world, the economist carried a chart based on studied by a group in Oxford which ranked the countries on a severity index on their response to COVID-19.

India topped the chart in the world, while India topped the chart according to the intensity of the lockdown, on the other side India was at the bottom of the chart when it came to a fiscal stimulus for the economy in terms of percentage of GDP.

So in severity, India was even ahead of Italy but in fiscal stimulus, India was lowest which you can understand because in the entire group India was by far the poorest of all other countries.

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In fact, the next poorest countries are China and Malaysia at five times per capita GDP than India.

India as it continues with the lockdown or extends it, it’s risky for the economy or our country. Though the upper or middle classes can overcome the lockdown, it’s the poor and farmers who will face difficulties as the engines of the economy have stopped. As many people live on daily wages for them the situation is critical, either not coronavirus hunger might kill them.

As Shekhar Gupta says unlike the US, India doesn’t have the ability to print money as Donald Trump is doing.

Let me explain, why

India follows a gold standard policy, under which every rupee is backed by a similar value of the gold reserve hence giving actual value to the piece of paper. On the other hand, almost all of the global trade happens over USD, as well as the US, being a resilient economy made it move away from Gold standards and instead make the ‘faith over the economy’ as it’s value driver.

What we need at this point now to find the major weapon or micro focus action and plan.

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Major possibilities to control, are:

  • Extend the lockdown
  • Completely lift the lockdown
  • Seal the hotspots and gradually lift the lockdown from other areas.

The third option might be a better option as some factories or companies will start fo work, like pharma factories which will again lead to commutation hence communication modes will start to operate but then the spreading of the virus can also spread faster.

So what’s your say in this, comment below. Let the nation know, citizen’s views.


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Have you also felt the silence under the terror of the Virus?

Yesterday evening, Rosy stepped out of her house to buy grocery. Sarjapur road,Bangalore being one of the bustling roads, was silent, all the shops, supermarkets, restaurants, clubs and bars everything was closed.

Chills ran through her spine as she saw that few groceries stores were open but they had very limited products to sell. All of their selves which used to be arranged with all kind of food items and other products was empty.

2.6 billion people in the world are partially or fully under lockdown.

The country has announced lockdown for 21 days, after walking around 3km she found a supermarket whose shutter was half-closed, she entered into the store and found that it was full of people who were shopping out of panic. She couldn’t manage to find a basket for herself even so she decided to buy only the necessary stuff.

She was not able to stock enough, she was worried, what if, she gets no chance to buy anything for the next 21 days, what if, the lockdown extends.

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Precautions to fight with coronavirus

One girl passed by, she was carrying 2 baskets full of Doritos. Finally, she returned with the necessary stuff.

Next morning, she woke up, her company has already initiated work from home, now she felt relaxed that she has 2 hours more to sleep, no need to take bath, get ready and spend one hour on traffic to reach office.

At 10 a.m. she started to work, hours passed by and she kept on working, soon she realised after a few days that work from home is not relaxing at all. Earlier she had fixed working hours but now every day stretches upto 14-15 hours.

Every day when she returned from office, she could hear the tracks of music playing from the clubs but today they were all closed, all the lights of those happening places were switched off, the shops whose shutter were half-open was more frightening, it was the same she always watched in Hollywood movies which shows something is outside, someone can kill you anytime, monster or aliens have attached to a city.

But she never imagined that she could ever experience all of these in real life.

Rosy didn’t leave her home for the week, she ordered wheat, milk, water from the nearby shops. On the weekend, she got bored and decided to step out, the weather was good, a cool breeze was blowing, earlier the big apartments she never noticed because of the busy traffic she discovered that the flats have bigger balconies and beautifully designed.

She is new to the city, she has no friends here also she is not so familiar with the place. What helped her to remain connected to the world is only her phone. She used to spend the rest of the time watching Netflix or talking to her friends and family.

On Sunday, again she went for a walk, few people were outside of their house wearing masks, in her colony, the roads, as usual, was silent. Supermarkets now have to indicate social distancing by marking on the road. They have restricted time limits, as per the law.