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A ray of hope: Five promising vaccines from different countries are in trial.

More than 70 vaccines for COVID-19 are on-trial from different countries of the world. But the virus is rapidly mutating and now we have 11 types of CoronaVirus.

Out of all 5 promising vaccines, the world can rely on are:

  1. China’s CanSino’s Ad5-nCov in Phase II
  2. The US-based Moderna’s mRNA-1273 in Phase I
  3. Pennsylvania based Inovio Pharmaceutical’s INO-4800 in Phase I
  4. Oxford University’s ChAdOx1 in Phase I
  5. Again China based Sinovac’s PiCoVacc experimental vaccine in Phase I

The detailed blog will come soon. Stay with RoMi blogs & Education.

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Chinese hacking group continuously targeting across the World.

Alert China hackers trying to gather Geopolitical intelligence !!!!!

According to a current report, Chinese hackers have tried to gather information related to foreign affairs, science and technology.

The hacker’s group has attacked governments in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam….